Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Distressed Denim

What You'll Need // Seam Ripper, Scissors, Measuring Tape ! 

Can either start with basic denim shorts, or grab an old pair of jeans and cut them at about 3 inches down from the inner crotch seam . 
Use a seam ripper to make a small hole where you want the distressed-ness to be . Start off small and work your way sideways and up, pull out some loose threads to loosen up the fabric and create your desired amount of rips . 
TIP ! Don't over-do the rips, as they'll grow and fray a bit in the wash & with wear and tear as well . 

 You may also need an intern Joanna for this project . 

To create the raw edge at the bottom pull out some loose strands as well . 

add heels, drop the kids off at grandma's , and you are ready for hot date night!  Or add flip flops,  a cocktail and hit the dock, for your cottage chic outfit!  I am a little obsessed with this distressed denim look.  I think every pair of jeans I own, now has holes in it!  Here's hoping intern Joanna will be here to help patch them up, when the patch denim trend of fall 2014 hits!

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