Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oh It Goes So Fast

These shots always make me smile. I can just hear the girls laughing.  These photos were taken, by the very talented Beth Hayhurst for our spring summer 2009 me*me collection.  The super models are my daughter and 2 of her friends.  The girls played hookie that day from pre-school. Now all three of them are in grade 2, and have a unanimous decision that snow pants are no longer cool.  How did that happen??  I gotta say, it was a heck of a lot easier getting three 4 year old's ready for this shoot,  then it is getting one 7 year old ready for school on a minus 10 day!  And for the record, I would give my left arm, if Mimi would let me cut her hair like that again!

The Striped Heart Tee's

The Bubble Yum Dress

Photos by Beth Hayhurst


  1. Jules, she looks so much like you in that last shot!

  2. Oh man, in my head this is what she will always look like, not the straggly hair,skinny jeans, Ugg boot wearing girl that left my house this morning!! Hold on tight, lor, it goes fast!!!