Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cottage And Cousins

To start the summer off right, my sister Janet, ran a camp up at the cottage, for my three kids, my sisters Jane's three kids, and Janet's own two kids....'cousins camp'.....Thank goodness she had grandma and papa there to help with meals,  bedtime, and the unexpected run to the 'potty'.  Janet ran an incredible 3 days for 8 kids ages 3-11.  If you ask Scotty ( my youngest) what the best part of camp was,  he can't tell ya.  Between the nature walks, the talent show, and the endless hours of capture the flag he just can't decide. He had the time of his life.  I realized that this is where the passion for the cottage begins.  At the age of 6 ( or earlier), the freedom to do what ever you want, and the security to do it, because you are constantly surrounded by family.  As we grow up, and continue to go to the cottage, we  now co-habitat with siblings, and extended family.  This  defiantly has its challenges,  but we all do it weekend after weekend, year after year,  because of that passion.  I can tell you for sure, that my memories of endless hours of capture the flag with MY cousins, are as vivid as Scotty's.  Cottage and cousins is what the summer is all about!
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