Preloved is a fantastic clothing concept.  We take vintage clothing , completely deconstruct it,  turn it into fabric, and use that fabric to create our collection each season.  We have been doing this since 1995, I always like to say I was 10 years old at the time. 

Hi my name is Julia Grieve, and I am the owner of preloved. After close to 18 years in the retail space, we have just relaunched our online boutique at getpreloved.com  Our collection is carried worldwide, in stores  like Anthropologie, The Hudson's Bay Company, Beams Japan, Roots, and over 400 independent boutiques. Our main collection is a contemporary women’s wear line, but we also make clothing for men and children, as well as a home decor line.  In one season we will use over 100’000 vintage sweater to create our collections, that other wise would have ended up in landfill.  When I started this company over 18 years ago, I have to be honest, the impact preloved was making on the environment was not at the forefront.  I wanted to make clothing that was unique and one of a kind.  The idea of having an outfit that nobody else had, was (and still is) totally inspiring to me, and by using vintage clothing as your materials makes this possible. I wanted to make people look great, saving the planet just kinda happened. I like to call myself the accidental  environmentalist.

Along with running this business, I am also a mother of three.  I have two sons aged  11 and 6 and a daughter aged 9, who was the inspiration for our children's line me*me.  I am married to the love of my life, who keeps me so grounded, that I shutter to imagine the person I would be without him. I am so fortunate that I work each day with an incredibly talented team here at preloved.

This blog is about preloved, the incredible people behind the brand, and me, forever trying to balance all that life has to offer.  Enjoy our little space on the internet!

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  1. hello julia and preloved team! I´m really glad to have found you today! my name is adriana and i´m a brasilian costum designer. today I intended to write a post on my blog about my motivations and tendency to use second hand clothes as a central material in my projects... during my research I found preloved, you, your team, and your super beautiful clothes and ideas.your blog has inspired me and I would like to write about. thank you and best regards adriana