Sunday, October 4, 2015

Preloved Presents TWENTY with Kate Plummer from Sigg

SIGG was founded 100 years ago by Ferdinand Sigg. They originally manufactured household goods from aluminium such as bed and drinking bottles. Nowadays SIGG is spreading great design, quality and sustainability with their reusable water bottles.

Using reusable water bottles does wonders for your carbon footprint. One plastic bottle can take hundreds of years to decompose which flood up our landfills. Even the production of one plastic bottle uses energy, omits toxins and uses a lot more water to make than you can actually put into the bottle for drinking. Reusable bottles are durable, stylish and better for the environment and your health.

It was an absolute hoot having Kate Plummer come by our studio and make us laugh with her Zoolander poses, reminding me how much I love Charlie's Angels and joining me in a much needed dance off. We're so excited to have SIGG as one of our sponsors. To gain new supporters and friends on our 20th year in fashion makes it even more of a party. 

Watch out for SIGG's amazing products at WMCFashion Week. For more information visit or follow SIGG on Instagram @siggnorthamerica 

Kate wears the Logan coat and Vimy top underneath and Julia wears the Pearl top.
All available at

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