Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Preloved Presents TWENTY with Angelika from Guilhermina

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend was mistaken, because shoes are the real deal!

Guilhermina Shoes are made with great design and amazing quality. Fun, flirty, modern and classic, they have a pair for every girl. Preloved is so excited to have Guilhermina as one of our supporters for this very special year. Get ready to see these lovely shoes on the World MasterCard Fashion Week runway on Oct. 19.

We had a great time shooting with Angelika! She looked absolutely fabulous in her all Preloved outfit, rocking the Robson sweater in Light/Bright and the Fyatt skirt in Jewel tones. We would love to have more memories like this with Guilhermina. You're welcome to come and stop by anytime!

Angelika wears the Robson sweater and the Fyatt skirt.

All shoes by Guilhermina and can be shopped at Anthropologie. For more information on Guilhermina visit


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