Monday, March 9, 2015

Being Julia : Leather Weather

This is what I call my 'winter in LA' look.  I always laugh when I see shots of bloggers (that are fortunate to live in a climate that doesn't drop below 0 degrees) and they are 'dressed for winter'.  Or they have a cute caption "baby it's cold out', and they are wearing a sweater and ripped jeans.  They have NO idea what cold is, and how it affects your footwear choices.!  I love that each morning before school,  I dress my kids in snow pants, hats, mitts, coat, and I walk out the back door in high heels with no socks!  My theory is, if I pretend long enough, the snow will actually melt away. Either that or I will have frostbite before the end of March! xo

Leather Jacket // Forever 21 
Bag // Forever 21
Jeans // Zara 
Shoes // Zara (similar)

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