Friday, March 6, 2015

8/52 & 9/52


a weekly portrait of my children

Scotty:  this guy survives on eggs, toast and rice crackers.  #carbjunkie

Mimi : she is out the door every morning before 8:00am.  I feel like mother of the year, if I get a bagel into her!

John : grade six science fair.  home made rockets!  aka, alka-seltzer in a film canister! #bang!


a weekly portrait of my children

Mimi: my pleaser.  If all of them had been like her, I would have had 10 more. ( as long as I didn't have to gain 70lbs each time)

John: the homework is killing me !  I don't know how I am ever gonna get through middle school!

Scotty :  hard at work! If it includes glue he is all over it.  Hand him a book, and he runs the other way!

* ok, i think I am officially back on track with my 52 project.! Phew 

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