Saturday, January 10, 2015

Being Julia: Polar Vortex

I am determined to not let this winter get to me or my wardrobe.  I have spent so many winters in sweat pants, turtle necks and sorrels.  Nothing wrong with that look, but it becomes a clutch, and for me my every day go to.  Oh it's too cold to get dressed. It's just so much easier to but on the winter uniform.  The problem is,  you end up feeling like this winter is never gonna end, and wishing away the  entire season.  I just love my new insta- crush Karla Reed and her philosophy about getting dressed! I couldn't agree more with her quote : It's amazing what you can accomplish in a day when you feel put together and good about yourself!   It is so true. So this winter, polar vortex and all, I will be dressed ready to take on the world and a -23 with the windchill  #lifeinCanada....

Jacket // Zara 
Shoes // Zara (Similar)
Gloves & Earmuff // preloved
Legwarmers // Roots by preloved

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