Thursday, January 8, 2015

52 Project - 1/52

I first considered doing  52 project  in 2013.  Then thought  about it  again in 2014.  Then  this year I said,  you know what I am going to give it  try it!   Then I had to stop myself, because there is no try!  I heard the voice in my head. The one that is going to help me get through 2015 with less stress...Yoda...yes Yoda from Star Wars.  I hear that little squeaky little voice in my head...'Do or Do Not, There is NO Try'  I honestly believe that when we 'try' to do something it just creates more stress....'oh ya, great idea lets try and get together'....or ,'I am going to try to get that done by Monday'....either you do it, or you don't....saying NO is one of the hardest things for instead of saying 'no,  sorry I can't do that', I always say I will try....well no more trying for me....So thanks to Knee high to a lady bug I am super inspired to DO the 52 project this it goes  1/52

Scotty - still climbs into our bed every morning...if we are not there, he heads to the couch
Mimi - the most organized 9 year old I know
John - always with his dog.

PS .for more inspiration from my stress master check  out Yoda Quotes

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