Monday, June 30, 2014

The Glamorous Life

In the heat of the summer, is when the team at preloved, is in the heat of processing vintage wool sweaters. To be honest it seems like we never stop processing wool sweaters, but during June and July we are in the thick of it.  It takes a lot of time, ( and hands) to sort though over 100'000 sweaters, which is what we will need to create our Fall 2014 line.  The sweaters need to be inspected for damage,  colour blocked,  sorted into texture groupings,  prepped for washing, then we hand them over to them over to the manufacturing team,  which is where the real magic begins! So as you are sitting on patio's this summer, feeling like fall is a million miles assured that the team at preloved is hard a work, creating the prefect winter sweater for you! xox

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