Monday, November 5, 2012

Tis The Season

The holiday season is officially upon us, I had my first 'tall, non fat, extra hot, 1/2 sweet , no mocca peppermint latte' - in a red cup of course!  You can always count on Starbucks to let you  know what season it is. I  appreciate it, because  I have troubles remembering  what year we are in.  At preloved, we are selling Fall 2012 on the retail floor, just finished selling Spring 2013 in wholesale, and we are way behind in design for Fall 2013 ,don't even get me started on Spring 2014! But now that Starbucks has said it is the holiday season ( yes that started on November 2nd), I can now share with you our Holiday 2012 collection. These photo's we taken in my new house, back in April, by the very talented  Lise Varrette,. Now you can see where my confusion comes from, but hey, I wasn't as confused as my four year old,  when he came home that day to find a Christmas tree in my bedroom!  We all had a ball doing this shoot, even though our model cancelled the morning of.   I have to say, it's sometimes really nice to work with those overly quiet 'models'! Although some people feel that the holiday season starts too early,  I am quite happy that we have moved in to it.  I will miss my, 'tall, non fat, extra hot, half sweet, pumpkin spice, no whip, latte', - till we meet again next fall!

The Miss Ellie
The Joe Sweater
Corniella Wrap Sweater
The Noely Sweater
The Aspen Snood
The Roma Scarf
The Doreen Sweater

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