Thursday, October 4, 2012

seeing red

Finally coming up for air!  The Roots by preloved order has shipped, the Anthropologie order has shipped, and the order for the Bay just left!  Wow fall  2012 has been insane. I think we rescued over 80’000 sweaters.  None of which are red.  Apparently Anthropologie doesn't  like red! we still have about  3000 red sweaters to use up…hopefully red will be trending by Fall 2013, or we are gonna have to do something for the heart and stoke fund!! The office is quite quiet today.  Peter is off to the chiropractor.. sore legs  Ashley and Yuko took the day off.. sore backs….  Lexie is here though, that’s just because she is off tomorrow.  I think a week in the manufactures, shipping boxes, (yes fashion is that glamorous), has done this team in.   I think everyone is ready for a long weekend….happy thanksgiving!  Tuesday is our first Spring 2013 fit rest for the wicked!


  1. Red sweater discrimination still going on, eh?

    1. you betcha should see what they do to the green sweaters these days!!!