Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jules Picks: Home for the Holidays

Stay cozy this winter! When it gets cold outside - stay warm and snuggle up with your favourite throw or pillow from Preloved, and our comfy Cindy slippers

Here are some items that will spruce up your home decor and keep you from the cold outside this Holiday season!

A good magazine / book:
A great read is essential to cozy living. Whether it be your favourite fashion magazine, a new book by your favourite author, or an article from a blog or website - it will be perfect for when you are in your cozy space at home and curled up by the fireplace.

Preloved Cindy Slippers:
Mary Jane style slippers to keep your feet warm while hibernating this winter! Our Cindy slippers are 100% sustainable, constructed from upscale leather and reclaimed wool. Available in reds, greens, whites, blues and pinks. 

Your Laptop:
Put on some Netflix or Holiday music, catch up on social media, search for Holiday recipes or DIY'S on Pinterest... and more! This will get you in the cozy Holiday spirit in your home for sure.
Preloved Festive Pillow:
The Festive pillow is like snuggling with your favourite cozy sweater. Our Festive pillow is constructed from red buffalo plaid which stays consistent on every pillow and 100% vintage sweaters, with a plaid back panel. 
Preloved Festive Throw:
Warm up by the fire in a cozy chic throw. This handmade blanket is like having all your favourite sweaters in one. Our Festive throw is constructed from an array of vintage sweaters, with a soft red and black buffalo plaid fabric, which stays consistent on every throw. A Winter / Holiday Scented Candle:
A Cute Mug:
Sip your hot cocoa or favourite coffee or tea in an adorable mug like this white and gold polka dotted one. 

Modern Coasters:
Protect your coffee table, but also keep it modern and homey looking with these cool coasters. Set your cute mug on top - and you've got an adorable cozy set up for your favourite Holiday beverage. 

Hot Chocolate:
This is a must for the Holidays - and it tastes just like home. 

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