Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Staff Picks: Kirsten

So excited to bring back Staff Picks!

This week I’m thrilled to talk to Kirsten [kirs10alexa], our Production Coordinator. I HAD to ask her a few questions, so you guys get to know her better. She’s the newest edition to our small, hardworking, and adorable team. 

So if you don’t like something... IT’S ALL KIRSTEN’S FAULT!!! 


"In my first year in high school, I went by the name 'Minnie' back then I thought it was cool. looking back now ... oh man what was I thinking. But one of my closest friends calls me by "kirs" its no nickname but hey its better then Minnie."


"Production Coordinator at Preloved. I love the creative side when it comes to picking and selecting the vintage for the up coming styles for the season. You never know what you'll find when you're at the Rag houses. To see the Final Product is my favourite part of the job!"


"UP! You would never except a Disney movie  to start off with such a sad story. When it first starts off with Carl and Ellies as kids, then later shows their lives together. The death of his wife made me cry"


"Being a young mom and working like crazy, can get overwhelming. So in my past time I like to take trips on the ferry boat to the Island and walk around. Just enjoying the view especially in the fall and winter, as the leafs fall or when it's snowing, its just so beautiful."


"I've been recently listening to a lot of Mariah Carey. From 1995- 2010 Mariah Carey's albums never gets old. I like listening to music in the late 90's/early 2000"

Logan Coat $102      |      Betty Mitts $15      |      Snowdome Shorts $36

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