Monday, July 6, 2015

Field Trip - The Stubborn Farmer

Nothing says summer, like hanging out with your cousins up at the cottage. My kids are super fortunate to be very close with both of my sisters kids.  In total there are 8 of them,  ( one missing on this trip) in a span of 7 years, and each weekend of the summer, we all cram into grandma and papa's cottage.  Sometimes to give my parents a break we load up the cars, or boats and head off site for a field trip.  A couple weeks back we had the opportunity for an up close and personal tour from the Stubborn Farmer  It was an incredible experience.  Kids got to muck around in the mud, we learned about growing food locally and even met a lamb that was only a few hours old.  Fun was had by all, but most likely the most fun was had by papa and grandma,who actually got some piece and quite at the cottage!  Imagine that!

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