Friday, May 29, 2015

TTDTW - May 29th Edition

Weekend’s almost here!! So, go out and enjoy it in this beautiful city.

Thompson Hotel // Rooftoop Lounge
Keep it super casual tonight. Call up your group of friends and grab drinks.

Saturday Afternoon:
Welcome to Me // TIFF Bell Lightbox 
Synopsis: A woman suffering from borderline personality disorder (Kristen Wiig) becomes an overnight celebrity after a huge lottery jackpot allows her to launch her own off-the-wall talk show.

Saturday Evening:
Big Crow // 176 Dupont Street (The Annex)
If you love BBQ...

Kensington Market Art Fair // 12PM - 7PM
Explore Kensington market’s culture.

Rooftoop Lounge
Welcome to Me
Big Crow
Kensington Market Art Fair

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