Monday, April 20, 2015

Week ??/52

a weekly portrait of my children

I have lost track what week we are on.  This mama is a little over worked, and over travelled.  I can't always find the time to capture the moment on film ( or digital ).  When work gets this busy,  its seems that when I am with the kids, the last thing I think of is taking out my camera.  But I do really want to remember this time, so this week, we are going with some 'quotes' from my gang

John:  'Yes technically it's home work, but you don't really  have to hand it in'.  Only if you want to get better grades do you have to hand it in' 

Mimi :  'Can we get another dog.  It will be easier'

Scotty :  "Mom, can you be the mom teacher next time?'
Me: Yes Scotty, I will volunteer on your next field trip.

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