Friday, March 20, 2015

Jules Approved - March Break

1. SORA KIMONO // preloved 
This fun piece has been a favourite in the office as soon as the first same came out of production ! This is great for throwing on by the pool, or putting on on top of a basic tee . 

2. CAT EYE SUNNIES // topshop
You know it's almost summer when there starts to be a lot of choices of sunglasses in stores . We can all be optimistic this March break with a pair of sunnies, plus a great fashion statement . 

3. SPORTY TOP // adidas @ urban outfitters
Either you plan on working out during the break, or just flowing with the sport trend, its always nice to have a quick and easy sport logo tee . 

One great thing about winter being over (amongst all the other things) is that we can wear fun shoes again ! No more snow boots, embrace the open toe ! 
5. FLAT WHITE // starbucks
If you follow me on instagram you know i've been obsessed with the new Flat Whites Starbucks recently introduced recently ! A great pick me up in the morning, or any time in the day . 

It's always tough to keep your kids busy during march break, ideas start to get sparse about 3 days in . These fun little DIY kits are a easy way to keep them occupied and hopefully quiet too ! 

7. PATTERN TOP // gap
This March break, we're heading North to Florida, and they have perfect weather all year round . So it's best to pack light, and pack some basic but still just as stylish pieces .

8. PASTEL NAIL POLISH // sephora
These nail colours are perfect transitional shades, and with a topcoat, these polishes will definitely last you all march break long .

9. SKINNY JEANS // zara
You can't go wrong with a pair of nice denim . Again, packing light is essential for road trips, and skinny jeans go with just about everything ! A fool proof option ! 


  1. these are fun! I love preloved because it's such a sustainable company. Will you be able to profile other sustainable brands in the future for "Jules Approved" lists? That kimono is just gorgeous!!