Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jules Approved: Living Room Modani Challenge

 I love home fashion just as much as I love women's wear. Modani offers modern and contemporary furniture that is right up my alley! I took their modern couch and spiced it up with some fun patterns and even some Preloved! 

1. Sofa // Modani 
White, contemporary sofas are my personal favourite. You need a lot of space for the whole family to come together. White sofas also allow the freedom to introduce many prints and patterns to the room in other ways.

2. Chair // Crate & Barrel
On the other hand, I love statement furniture! This chair from Crate & Barrel is the perfect statement piece for any room. 

3. Picture Frames // Zara Home
I like to personalize a space with family photos. These metallic dot picture frames from Zara Home add just enough sparkle into the space. In my eyes, these frames are perfect for displaying my kids' school pictures.

4. Coffee Table Book // Chapters
Every coffee table needs a nice book to sit on top of it. Fashion books make the best coffee table books... But maybe that's just my personal bias. 

5. Throw // Preloved 
These throws are one of our best selling home items year after year. Made from upcycled sweaters, they will keep you toasty warm when relaxing around the house. They're available in three different colours to match any living space.

6. Candle Holders // Brika
Candles make a room more warm and homey, therefore they're essential. These wooden holders tie in with the other wooden accents I chose for this room.

7. Coffee Table // Morba
A chunky, wooden coffee table in the center of the room makes a statement while serving as a functional piece of furniture. This table ties the whole room together while being the most used item in the room. 

8. Pillow // Tonic Living 
Part of the reason I love white sofas is because you're able to dress them with decorative pillows. These pillows add tons of character to the room by adding pops of colour throughout. Plus, you want to be comfy while kickin' around the house!

9. Side Table // Black Rooster Decor
This little table is the perfect mix of modern and contemporary by mixing woods and metals.

10. Storage // Ikea
Every parent knows just how essential storage is in a living space. These rattan baskets are perfect to put anything in to keep the living space looking clean and fresh at all times.

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