Thursday, November 27, 2014

Being Julia: #dateyourchild

I have been making a conscious effort to slow things down a bit lately.  It aways seems crazy this time of year,  but this year it seems worse.  Maybe it's the hockey, the gymnastics, the homework, the playdates, the dog, ( who's idea was the dog) the stress at work, or maybe it's just grade 6 spelling is getting to me. But whatever it is, I gotta slow it down,  I was totally inspired/moved by Shalice Noel and her hashtag #dateyourchild It stuck with me.  So I am making intentional dates with each of my kids. A time to slow down and catch up,  and  more importantly, put on a pretty skirt!  I busted out the good old butterfield skirt, originally designed for anthropoloige, and put on my heels to take out my eldest for a sushi lunch date!  Gotta say, the skirt fit a little better before lunch...just saying.. so thanks Shalice! Some times we just need to be reminded to 'dateyourchild'.

Blazer // Thrifted (Similar)
Shoes // Forever21 (Similar)
Top // Forever21 (Similar)
Skirt // Butterfield by preloved for anthropologie
Bag // Seafoam Envelope Clutch, Lulu's (Similar)


  1. Loved this! It always takes more thought and time but ALWAYS worth it. And you look adorable xx

    1. Thanks for the inspiration! I am looking forward to at least one 'hot' date per week!!..and may squish one in with the husband!