Monday, May 26, 2014

Congratulations Lexie

Our little Lexie is getting married! Can't believe her day is almost here.  I remember our trips back to Chicago. One, when she hoped to get engaged. ( you can't plan those things !) , and then the other, when she bought her Dress and now the wedding is just over 3 weeks away!  It has been an amazing year watching all the details,  small and big,  come into place for this incredible day...and I am thrilled to have had a front row seat.  Last Friday was Lexie's last official day at preloved. We had a little farewell party for our favourite bride from the team at preloved, and our new family at Ws and Co.  Obviously the cake decorator had troubles reading my hand writing! ( not the first)...but we wish Lbxie and Brent all the best! and look forward to all the new adventures life will bring!

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