Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I keep threatening I am going to write a book, titled, 'Surviving the I95 with three kids'. You know, with all the free time I have, I thought why not write a book. Well maybe not a book, lets just start with a blog post.  This last road trip to Florida is my third one, with this little family of mine.   Me, myself, I cannot count the times I have driven to Florida.  As the daughter of two educators, that is just what one does.  It took me till grade 8 to realize that planes go to Florida. So here are my tips on how to surrive a 26 hour car ride without killing a family memeber.....
# 1 organization! you can never  be to organized with activities and games.  I strongly suggest a schedule. Not kidding., break it up into 2 hour blocks...  movie watching, ipad playing,  recording the different states on licence plates...
#2 good food.  Don't waist your time stopping to eat crap food along the way, pack great stuff.  I always make fresh sandwiches on the road. "mom's kitchen doesn't open till we hit Pittsburgh"
#3 good music. that is important...and we have rotating DJ"S in my car...,everyone gets a turn to spin it up! I can savely tell you I NEVER need to hear 'what does the fox say ' again!
#4 seat changing.  whenever you stop for gas, no one is aloud to get back into the same seat.  variety is the key to not getting board
#5 synchronize every ones bladder and bowels...everyone goes at the same stop!!
#6 Gravol! nothing like a little quite time in the car.  My mom used to give it to me when I was a kid, gosh you get a bit sleepy, next thing you know you are in North Carolina!
#7 enjoy it!!  I tell ya, I love these road trips.  Oh don't worry, there were many times when Mommy needed a time out (or a glass of wine)  but being in one place, for 26 hours, with the 4 people I love most, I wouldn't change it for the world.

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