Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Storm Watch

Just when we thought we were almost on time with our Spring 2014 design schedule , Mother Nature decided to show us who is boss.  On Monday July 8th, Toronto was hit with what some call ' the storm of the centruy'. Over 126mm of rain came crashing down, and at least 3 feet of it, ended up in our office.  I have to say I have never been more proud of the team  I work with, then this day.  I was at the airport at the time  picking up my niece, and got a panicked call from Leah ( our new wholesale coordinator)  that 'water was coming in from everywhere'  As I calm as I could, (considering I was in an International Airport with NO POWER ) ,  said 'do what you can'.  Well this team of mine, worked, with no power and rising water for over 2 hours, to rescue what they could...samples, patterns, product, tax returns...( maybe my 2008 tax return could have been left floating...just saying) I feel so blessed to work each day with such an incredible group of people.  Thank you Leah, Laura, Jacquie, Wess, Peter, and stranded customer, for rescuing what you could. It made me realize that preloved is not special because of our fabrics or patterns, it's special because of the people that work here!

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