Friday, May 17, 2013


Just had a world wind of 2 days in New York , the city that never sleeps, tell me about it.  My two days we jammed packed with meetings, lunches, dinners, and lots of coffee.  My new find is  spina cafe in Brooklyn.  They sell the most amazing Americano's and flowers..yes that's right, shop for beautiful bouquets of flowers, while sipping incredible coffee. Lexie would lose her mind in here. Spina is right across the street from Alter our all time favourite store in New York.  It was so great catching up with the Alter boys, and I am completely green with envy over their new office space! oh man Peter would lose is mind in there!! One day Peter, one day.  All in all and incredible 48 hours!  So quick, my 5 year old told me he didn't even miss me...'but where's my Lego present, mama'?

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