Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I found this post on one of my favourite blogs, kneehightoaladybug, and I had to share it. These slippers, by Tapochki are super cute, super cozy, and created by the former production  coordinator at preloved.  Anna worked at preloved during some crazy times.  We were growing so fast, and trying to come up with new and efficient ways to produce our clothing.  Anna ran a tight ship, and was a pinnacle part  in developing the way that we produce our clothing today.  I will never forget her trying to explain an office hierarchy system to one of our co op students, who was lacking a little respect for her superiors. After going through the list of what everyone does, and who is the boss of who, Anna came to me, and the only way she could explain my role, was that I was the Queen....HRH, Julia, The Queen of preloved! I don't think anyone else in the office fell for that, but I do think I saw that co op student curtsy once!  Congratulations Anna, on all of your success, and thanks for you sweat and tears and preloved!

photo credits : kneehightoaladybug

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