Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seeking the extraordinary

I don't usually make new years resolutions, besides the obvious, drop 5lbs before summer , stop drinking wine during the week, or the ever popular exercise more.  But this year I have felt compelled to make a new years resolution. Something that was different.  Something I could stick with and something that would really make this year different than the last.   I have struggled with this for a bit.  Maybe I should focus more on balance, not my core balance, although doing more Pilate's in 2013 couldn't be a bad thing,  but the on going juggling show I preform everyday, as a boss, a mother and a wife.  But that seemed a bit boring.  I wanted to do something that made every day this year exciting, like the way my 5 year old wakes up and always asks my what day it is. He never knows what exciting things are gonna happen till he wakes up. I always call it 'bits and bites'  never know what your gonna get.  Then it hit me,  I am gonna take ordinary things, and find the extraordinary in them.  Much like we do at preloved.  We take ordinary clothing, and create extraordinary works of art. I am pretty sure I am not gonna drop 5 pounds by summer, and I can guarantee you I wont stop drinking wine during the week, (man that would be a long week) but this year,  it is my resolution to seek out the extraordinary in the ordinary! 

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