Thursday, October 15, 2015

Preloved Presents TWENTY with Deborah from Soulscapes

Deborah (right) with her daughter Courtney (left). 

Deborah from SoulScapes took some time out of her busy day to have a shoot with me at the Preloved design studio! 

Deborah is a Toronto realtor and is the President, Founder and CEO of SoulScapes Design. SoulScapes design is a landscape design firm that helps people get their dream garden. Deborah started her business from her personal experience of loss and grief. From her time of sadness she created something beautiful. She looked to her garden for solace and created SoulScapes. Her connection to her business makes us really happy and proud to have Deborah on board the Preloved team. To gain new friends and supporters for our 20th anniversary makes the celebration even more fun and memorable. Thanks to Deborah and SoulScape Designs. 

To learn more about SoulScape design visit

Deborah is wearing a Vimy top in black and Julia is wearing our Frances Bean top

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# PrelovedxSoulScape #PrelovedTurns20 #MadeinCanada 

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