Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Being Julia - Throwback Trench

This skirt is still one of my all time favourite pieces.  As we embark on our 20th anniversary, I am having a ball going through some of  the preloved classics.   This skirt was made for our SS2009 collection, and is made from an old trench coat!  The design on this still blows me away,  although the pain of producing it is still fresh.  The Georgie Trench Skirt was produced back in the day, when the design team worked in one room, and the production team in another.  There wasn't a ton of communication between the two.  When I first saw this skirt in the design meeting, I fell in love, and thought it was totally a work of art!  What we didn't realize was how specific the vintage requirements were.  It had to be produced from double breasted trench coat (with perfect buttons)  the vent on the back of the coat had to be a certain measurement and the original pockets had to be in a certain placement.  I think we must have gone through thousands of trench coats, to find the ones that would be come the Georgie Trench Skirt.  This skirt was a turning point in how we produce, and how we design, and how the two teams need to work together!    Stay tuned for more preloved classics.  #prelovedturns20

Top // preloved
Skirt // Vintage preloved
Clutch // preloved
Shoes // Zara (Similar)

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