Monday, February 3, 2014

That's all she wrote

Well it took 2 days, 6 people, and 3 UHAL'S filled till the brim, to move 19 years of retail off of Queen Street.  It would be an understatement to say that this past week has been a bit emotional.  The overwhelming support from our customers has been incredible.  I loved hearing so many stories during our warehouse sale.  'Oh I have been shopping at preloved for years"..."I got my grade 8 grad dress from preloved'....'Queen Street won't be the same without preloved' ....thank you all so much for coming by, and making our last sale at 881 Queen Street west so memorable.  I want to thank my staff for working endless hours prepping for this move and to my friends and family for their support.  I  do have to make a special shout out to my Dad for all of his help  That guy was there 19 years ago when I had this crazy idea to open a store.  He helped me paint the store, hang the racks, I even think he did the lighting back them,  and here he was again, good old JR! My 80 year old father up on a ladder taking down the shelf's, I am pretty sure he put up!! Thanks Dad! I love that you can never be to old to get your dad's help!

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