Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cannot be ingnored

 I  was so moved by this post by Victoire that I wanted to share it.  Not only is Victoire one of our favourite and longest wholesale clients, but both Katie and Regine have become very inspirational to the team here at preloved.  We love them because they are risk takers, fun, smart, and fashion forward women, who are not afraid to say what so many people are thinking! Thanks Katie for putting your thoughts out there, and inspiring us here at preloved!


Cannot be ignored

In light of the news of yet another collapse in a Bangladesh factory, Katie was compelled to write this blog post. We don't often broach these topics on the blog - we don't want to sound preachy, alarmist, or appear to be talking about it because our business may benefit. We love carrying Canadian designers because they are well-made, support artisans in our communities and they are just plain super talented. So that's usually the approach we take, bolstering the positives of supporting Canadian designers, but the human toll that fast fashion is taking is just too great to ignore.

I love fashion. I mainly buy pieces made here in Canada, and try very hard to avoid buying new clothing made overseas. But sometimes I do cave on a cute and trendy throw-away piece at a killer deal. I just block out the real cost of this clothing on the lives of other people on the other side of the world. Then this happens and I reflect on the clothes I have bought at Joe Fresh and feel like a shit of a person. My love for clothing is nowhere near as important as elevating the quality of life and the chance at life for others. Our economic power does make a difference in how companies choose to produce goods. And on what kind of designers boutiques choose to carry.

I commit to buy less but better pieces. I commit to only buying clothing that is made overseas at factories committed to paying living wages, under safe working conditions and that are environmentally friendly. And I hope you are also moved to making similar commitments!

Fashion is nowhere near as important as people's lives and I will not ignore this next time I am tempted by throwaway fashion.

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